Amateur scientist and writer
     Being profoundly dyslexic Robert Jameson never thought he
     would one day be the author of six books. However, in 1993
     Robert experienced a consciousness download that changed
     his life. He says it was like a voice inside his head telling him
     to investigate the possibility that our human consciousness
     (our souls) are the reproductive cells of a creator being.  
     While this idea initially seemed too far-fetched Robert started
     to connect more and more dots. With the help of a computer
     that converts text to speech Robert painstakingly researched
     and documented his thesis. Robert's most recent book; "The
     Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth’s Reproductive Chakra",
     will be the subject of his talk at the 2020 Cosmic Consciousness

Robert Jameson

Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Cosmic Conference 2020

Robert has been invited to speak at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, to be held at Ayres Rock Resort, Yulara, Northern Territory, Australia; 11th to 13th Jan 2020. For more information see:
At the conference Robert will be discussing ancient energy lines from around the world, their spiritual and cultural significance and how these phenomena should influence the way we think about the living planet that is our home.
Robert will tell how his research lead him to the work of Robert Coon and how Coon’s Female Great Dragon line intersects Uluru. We then learn about how the Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment was found and how this remarkable energy line intersects so many places of cultural, geological and historical significance on the Australian continent.
Robert also discusses his belief that energy lines here on earth are but a tiny part of a universal energy grid that interconnects life throughout the cosmos. He tells how magnetic fields are threaded through space in all directions, and water carrying comets, are evidence that conscious life on earth is part of a far greater cosmological living entity.


Cosmic Conference 2020
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