God Gametes 2 : Dark DNA and Parallels Between Gender-based Reproduction and Ancient Theology

The human body has 50 million-million cells with each having two copies of the 3.1647 billion nucleotides in our genome. If nucleotides are switched off, they are ignored - if they are switched on, they are read and they code for making protein. No one knows what does this switching off and on and it is currently the focus of much research (and bewilderment) in biology. Scientists call this process epigenetics yet it is referred to here as Dark DNA, and we claim, it is The Hidden Code for Universal Life and Consciousness.
We argue that Dark DNA is a hierarchal structure unifying life at all levels. For example, messenger RNA (mRNA) carries sections of DNA to the site in a cell where it codes for making protein. Reproductive cells (gametes) carry life's genetic code from generation to generation. And angels, it is held, are God's messengers and they carry the souls of people from this life to the next.

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Author: Robert Jameson

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