Germ-line of the Gods : God Gametes 3 and The Entanglement and Decay of Planet Earth

The thesis presented here, argues that life on earth is part of the reproductive system of an external parent species and that our human soul is the germ cell (a gamete) of a Father Being. Our concept holds that all physical life on earth is the 'soma' and whether it relates to the lives of individuals, or of species, can have only limited tenure. As a gamete however, our soul is part of the 'germ-line' of our creator-beings and has the potential to live on after the death of our bodies - even after the extinction of our species. We agree with the Darwinian claim that species will always over-produce and that competition for finite resources, sorts out the winners and losers in the evolutionary process. We depart from this interpretation, however, in claiming that our parent species are not attempting to evolve a physical body. Their objective is to select character qualities that can fend off evil. We argue that the gene pool of our parent species, in an effort to challenge the good, needs to retain the human traits of greed and stupidity. Thus we here highlight a parallel between the entanglement and decay of quantum particles, with the ongoing extinction and renewal of life on earth.
Our planet can probably sustain one billion people, yet there is currently seven billion - and by mid-century, we will have another two. So rather than thinking there might be a way 'out of goal', we must accept that our long term physical survival is a lost cause. Better strategy we suggest, is to challenge those responsible for our rapid decline. We can then hope that the souls who have cultivated intelligence and morality while on earth will, in an afterlife, find a place back in the Germ-line of the Gods

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Author: Robert Jameson

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