The Collapse and Reconstruction of Earth’s Quantum Wave Function

"Shut up and calculate!" – is the phase coined by Quantum Physicist David Mermin. It is well known that quantum particles react to human observation, yet nothing is known about the quantum world before a measurement is made. So, questions about what is real and what is knowledge; how consciousness emerges from living bodies; and if we are not alone in the universe then why haven’t we been visited, are seen as meaningless. Just shut up and calculate! However the God Gametes Theory, that argues our consciousness is the male sperm cell of a Creator Being, answers these questions – and many more. This work puts the case that the quantum effect is not only evident in the classical world of quantum physics, and quantum biology, but extends to quantum cosmology. That the energy that holds our earth in motion, the energy making it possible for our biological systems to function, the incomprehensible complexity we observe all around us and the compelling evidence for earth being both round and flat, can best be addressed by assuming the quantum effect is universal.
The enigmatic world of quantum physics points to the existence of other dimensions of space and time. These hidden dimensions of space and time being interwoven with the three spatial dimensions, and the single forward arrow of time, that we can see and comprehend. We argue the case that the hidden spatial and time dimensions have been part of the history of our species, are the foundation on which our biology has been built and are the structures on which our meaning and purpose in life is based. We believe that earth, the sun, that planets and the greater universe are part of a cosmological wave function. That when our Parent Species (our Creator Being) chose earth as a suitable planet on which to reproduce, they collapsed the cosmic wave function into the three special dimensions, and the single forward arrow of time, that we can see and comprehend.

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Author: Robert Jameson

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