The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth's Reproductive Chakra

It seems the human mind is programmed to believe the possible and reject the impossible. Yet there is much we cannot explain. We do not know the origins of countless ancient buildings, people have found artefacts in coal deposits that are hundreds of millions of years old and we can visit museums that house elongated humanoid skulls. In recent times scientists have discovered space and time are relative, that there are places in the universe where gravity is so strong that it swallows light, quantum physicists tell us that consciousness is instant and universal and there have been thousands of credible sightings of UFOs. If this was a card game then a rational observer would conclude the deck was stacked and walk away from the table. In this game of life however we cannot walk away - we do not know what it is possible to gain if we win - or what is at stake if we lose.
The thesis presented in this book assumes terrestrial planet earth is alive - a Living Body Earth. Our model suggests that earth is part of a greater living universe - and that conscious life on earth is part of an extra terrestrial reproductive system. We look to a biological explanation for what is otherwise impossible. Our bodies perform millions of miracles every second. Thus we hold earth's countless unsolved mysteries can be better understood if we assume our planet, and the universe in which it exists, is a biological system.

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Author: Robert Jameson

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