God Gametes 4 and The Darwinian Fallacy

The God Gametes theory argues that life on earth is part of the reproductive system of a parent species from a higher level of a multiverse. We contend a single female member of the parent species colonized earth for the purpose of reproduction. She drove the complexity of life on earth until one species, homo sapiens, evolved a large brain and the ability to host a consciousness reproductive cell of a male parent species. This we suggest is why we commonly refer to Mother Nature - and a Father in Heaven. And in ancient Eastern tradition, Yin is thought to relate to earth and is female, while Yang is conceived as heaven and is male harmony between the two is said to achieve the "Great Ultimate". In the Old Testament Eve personifies life on earth while Adam is seen as the agent of God. This theme is repeated in the New Testament where Mary is endowed by a paternal God for the purpose of reproduction. Even the popular Life from Space image depicts planet earth as a female egg and the source of external life as male.
Charles Darwin called his book On the Origin of Species but natural selection is not about the 'origin' of anything. His theory was not about the 'origin' of species, nor about the 'origin' of life. Natural selection argues the case for how one 'living' species might gradually evolve into another 'living' species. It has nothing to do with how anything originated. Darwinism cannot explain how the planets and stars originated or how the gravitational force that holds them all together might have originated. And natural selection can certainly not explain how dead matter suddenly acquired the property of life and an ability to reproduce. Supporters of this concept foster the myth that with enough throws of the dice, with enough random coin flips, then blind probability can design complexity. It cannot.

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